A Data Visualization Project



Ready surgery is a comprehensive tool utilized by surgeons to determine surgical candidacy through evaluating a patient's history and vitals. Our goal is to improve the UX flow on the risk report and risk detail screen of this progressive web app.

The Process


Understanding surgeon behavior and clinic workflows

Research Process

As part of our user research process, we sought to understand the work flow of surgical centers. Our research consisted of shadowing surgeons and schedulers from different hospitals around the Bay area. We analyzed their interactions with other staff members, saw how they allocated their time and observed them using the Ready Surgery tool.

In addition to on-site research, we also conducted interviews with various people in the healthcare industry to gain additional perspectives. Using the information gathered, we created task flows and affinity maps to better organize our findings.


Defining the scope

Affinity Mapping

We created affinity maps to help us make sense of the pain points centered around surgery clinics and the Ready Surgery app. We decided that placing focus on the "Risk Report" and "Risk" page would result in the biggest impact for the surgeon and scheduler.


Ideation of the Risk Report and Risk Page


We broke down the page into different sections and focused on designing each component. Because of the complexity and importance on accuracy for this tool, we frequently validated and requested feedback with the product owner. It took us many rounds of lo-fi iterations before we felt confident that the data was being portrayed accurately.


Creating a Style Guide and Hi-Fidelity prototype